The Anxiety Pandemic.

Please someone point me in the direction of a person who doesn’t suffer from anxiety.

I don’t feel it is possible anymore. We are all living our lives terrified of having to live the rest of our lives and do what we think we are supposed to be doing and what we feel others expect us to be doing. It is a lot of pressure isn’t it. No wonder we are all feeling it now we live through a global pandemic of Covid-19 which has disrupted the lives of almost everyone living in a civilisation. I cannot even say that the virus is the reason for the anxiety pandemic as I feel it was there before but now is when we are really seeing it spread just like Covid.

I remember feeling completely distraught on my first day of primary school! I did not want to let go of my mums hand and go into the classroom with the teacher. It was terrifying. I felt I was going to be abandoned, trapped with all these others people I didn’t want to be around. I just wanted to walk back up the hill with my Mum and go home so badly. I don’t know what scared me so much about school. It was just the idea of it. I had no social issues as a child but I had such anxiety about going into school which continued through a lot of my primary school years. In secondary school things didn’t feel as bad as I enjoyed being with my friends more but I would start to get anxious about other things. I feel like every stage of my life my anxiety has been there like a bad devil on my shoulder I cannot shake off. In recent years I learnt how to take back some control from that devil and put things in place to give myself the control back like learning how to drive, living on my own at uni etc.

All we ever talk about right now is the virus and yes it is very important to be aware and I would not advise otherwise but I would like to also draw attention to the fact that we are ignoring a huge problem within all of us. If you are not a sufferer trust me you know someone or a handful of people most likely who are suffering from anxiety. It can eat away at someone and leave them plagued with their own thoughts of disaster and destruction that can end up very damaging in the short term and long term.

There is a lot more to said on this issue but I would like people to try and remember to take a few breaths every now and then. You can do this while doing anything but swimming under water so I will aim to practice what I preach and join you all in remembering that just a few deep inhales and exhales can sometimes save a lot of stress being added to your day.

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